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Masonry Wall and Walkway

Masonry Services

Masonry is a craft that uses stone, brick, clay, or concrete to make a new structure. A skilled mason can change the whole look of a house with some “brick and mortar.” 


At Brockway Contracting, we have 40 years of masonry experience. Inside or out, we can add beauty and value to your home. 

Masonry Basics

The most recognizable mason work is brick, stone, and mortar, and these materials can be used in a variety of ways. 

Brick Masonry

Brick is a very durable form of construction. A brick structure is formed by putting mortar on the bricks in a pattern. These can withstand heavy loads, extreme weather, and fire. 


Several different types of bricks can be used. 

  • Burnt clay bricks (most common)

  • Concrete bricks

  • Sand lime bricks

  • Fly ash clay bricks

  • Engineering bricks

  • Other bricks, including hollow, cow nose, bullnose, channel, and coping. 

Stone Masonry

Stone masonry uses stones and mortar. Stones are a very durable building material. Natural rocks can be used to construct floors, walls, foundations, arches, retaining walls, and columns. 

What is Mortar?

Mortar is a bonding agent used to keep bricks or stones together. Mortar is usually made from a mixture of materials: cement, water, fine sand, and lime. Some brands also include additives and latex. 


There are four types of mortar. 

  • Type S: Most common in residential projects.

  • Type N: Also used in residential, but has a low strength grade. 

  • Type M: Common for projects that involve extreme pressure due to the high strength grade. 

  • Type O: Only used in non-load bearing walls because it has a very low strength grade. 

The History of Masonry

Did you know that the craft of masonry is more than 6,000 years old? Masonry began when early man had valuable, rare, natural caves. He replaced these with caves made from piles of stone. This practice dates back to the 4th millennium BC! 


Out of this technique came some of the most famous, recognizable structures in history - the pyramids in Egypt.


Masonry materials throughout the millennia were largely based on what was available in the area. In Ancient Egypt there may have been limestone, alabaster, basalt, sandstone, granite, or porphyry that were taken from the Nile River. In ancient Asia, they relied on clay deposits. 


Through the Middle Ages, stone and clay were the main materials used. However, ancient Rome saw the invention of concrete which changed the craft. They realized they could make concrete walls faced with stone or clay pieces and it was a lot faster than walls made entirely of those materials. 


Modern masonry is valued for its pattern, texture, scale, and color. There are many reasons masonry is a good choice:

  • Pleasing to look at

  • Helps control sound

  • Fire-resistant

  • Insulates against changing temperatures

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