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Corner of a Roof Gutter


When you think about home renovation, gutters may not be on your list of priorities. However, they are a very important part of the construction of any house. 


Here at Brockway Contracting, we are experts at gutter installation. Whether you need new gutters or renovated gutters, we’re here to get the job done.

Why are Gutters Important for Your Home?

Gutters are part of your home’s drainage system and they run along the edges of the roofing to allow water and moisture to pass through. Downspouts drain the water away from the top of the house. 


A functional drainage system is essential for the integrity of your house and property. It must be designed and installed properly to ensure it works right. 


If the downspouts aren’t in the right place, water could drain near the foundation causing big problems in the future. If you have water draining on paths where people walk, it could cause hazardous conditions and lead to falls. 

Types of Gutters

As simple as gutters are, there are a variety of ways to have your gutters built. There are different styles and materials to choose from.


Gutters come in three basic styles: 

  • Half-round: Shaped like a tube cut in half. These are very effective in carrying water. They can be more prone to clogs, thereby needing leaf guards. 

  • K-Style: Side view resembles the letter K. These are the most common type of gutter for newer homes. These carry a lot of water so they can be a great option for rainy climates. However, they can be harder to clean. 

  • Custom-built fascia gutters: The sections of K-style and half-round don’t fit together. This means the seams can be prone to leaking and rusting. Fascia gutters are made from one long piece of aluminum. These cost more and must be installed by a professional. 


While fascia gutters are made of aluminum, half-round and K-style can be made from different types of materials. 

  • ​Aluminum: The most popular. This won’t rust and is easy to install. It comes in a variety of colors and can last up to 25 years. It can bend or dent. 

  • Vinyl: This lightweight, inexpensive option is easy to install. It won’t corrode or rust and can be painted. It can be prone to cracking and can become brittle.

  • Zinc: These gutters last a long time (50 years!) and won’t fade, warp, or rust. They are expensive and do not tolerate salty air very well. 

  • Steel: Strong gutters for severe weather climates. These can be painted. They are heavy and prone to rust. 

  • Copper: Durable gutters for all kinds of weather. Won’t rust or warp and have a beautiful glow. They are very expensive. 

Contact Us About Gutter Replacement Today!

If you need new or updated gutters for your home, contact us at Brockway Contracting to get an estimate today!

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